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Benton County Sheriff Troy Heck will be seeking re-election this fall. Heck has been serving the people of Benton County for 24 years, including serving as Sheriff since 2015. Heck began his law enforcement career in 1994 as a Benton County Patrol Deputy. In 1998 he was assigned to the Central Minnesota Drug Task Force as an investigator charged with fighting drug crimes in the tri-county area. In 1999 Heck was promoted to the rank of Detective Investigator, investigating felony level crimes and crimes against children. In 2005, Heck was promoted to Detective Sergeant. In this position, Heck continued to conduct investigations as well as supervising the other members of the Detective Division. In 2007, Heck was promoted to Chief Deputy and was elected Benton County Sheriff in 2014.

In announcing his re-election bid Heck said, “I have had the privilege of serving the citizens of Benton County for the past 3+ years as your Benton County Sheriff. In that time, we have accomplished a great deal. Crime in Benton County remains low, our quality of life remains high, and we have worked diligently to generate a closer connection with both the public safety agencies with whom we partner and the public we serve. We’ve accomplished these things by working consistently and responsibly at strategic priorities and specific goals.” Some of the goals cited by Heck that were accomplished in the last 4 years include:

Heck stated, “It has been my honor to lead the excellent staff who work hard to keep Benton County safe and to build a closer relationship with the people of Benton County. I look forward to continuing doing both for the next 4 years as your Benton County Sheriff.”